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Boasting about how many hours you work is a sign of failure

Talking about how many hours you work is not impressive. Far from being an indication of industrious achievements or alpha status, it should be seen as a professionally embarrassing sign that, quite frankly, you have nothing else to boast about.

Justine Greening: “The link between effort and reward has broken down”

Social mobility may sound more like a matter for policymakers than business people, yet social immobility, where a person’s class background interferes with the realisation of their potential, costs businesses money and makes us all poorer.

Teach us how to look after our mental health, say university students

Students want universities to teach them how to look after their mental health and wellbeing as anxiety and stress levels surge on UK campuses, according to a survey.

A reading list for introverted leaders

Last Updated: 01 Oct 2019 After a 10 year legal career Natasha Pilbrow cofounded on-demand beauty platform LeSalon in 2015. Now COO and a self confessed introvert, she says that reading has helped her find a better work life balance, come to terms with the fact that the highs can be as common as the lows in business and realise that leadership isn’t about shouting.

Mindfulness at Work: A Little Bit Goes a Long Way – [email protected]

Workplace wellness is expanding beyond annual blood pressure checks to include the benefits of meditation, yoga and other exercises designed to manage stress and center the mind. But do such practices, known as mindfulness, really work? New research from Wharton management professor Lindsey Cameron finds that including just a few minutes of mindfulness in each day makes employees more helpful and productive.

To Change a Habit, Get Extreme. Progressively. – Behavioral Scientist

I had just finished giving a speech on building habits when a woman in the audience exclaimed, “You teach how to create habits, but that’s not my problem. I’m fat!” The frustration in her voice echoed throughout the room. “My problem is stopping bad habits. That’s why I’m fat.

Why More Knowledge Won’t Make You More Successful

7 min read Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. From the time we’re young, we’re taught that knowledge is power. Our education system evaluates students based on their ability to cram as much information as possible into their heads. Similarly, in today’s startup climate, it’s tempting to think that learning more will strengthen your competitive advantage.