This week’s roundup of international mindful news all in one place waiting for you to ignite your mind. 

Why Mindfulness Is Your Greatest Productivity Tool

How our greatest gains in productivity are often derived from less productivity, not more.


The Stormtrooper Problem: Why Thought Diversity Makes Us Better

Diversity of thought makes us stronger, not weaker. Without diversity we die off as a species. We can no longer adapt to changes in the environment. We need each other to survive. *** Diversity is how we survive as a species. This is a quantifiable fact easily observed in the biological world.

Neuroscience Says Power Naps Work. Why Aren’t We Taking Them?

We’ve known for decades that short naps improve performance but workplaces still make it difficult to take them.

The Key to a Mindful Work Life – Mindful

Mindful Editor-in-Chief Barry Boyce sat down with world-renowned meditation teacher and author Sharon Salzberg , and Janice Marturano , the founder of the Institute for Mindful Leadership, to discuss the role of mindfulness at work and at home.

Addiction may stem from ancient retrovirus, study says

An ancient retrovirus that predates modern humans may explain why people suffer from addiction, scientists have said.