This week’s roundup of international mindful news all in one place waiting for you to ignite your mind. 

Mindfulness meditation in America has a capitalism problem

Capitalism has a way of co-opting a lot of our culture’s best ideas. Great concepts in fashion, music, and wellness are constantly rebranded and used to peddle consumer products. Whether it’s punk music or yoga, industry will find a way to profit from it. Is mindfulness meditation the latest victim?

The Latest in Military Strategy: Mindfulness

As commander of the coalition forces in Iraq, Maj. Gen. Walter Piatt juggled ruthless pursuit of enemies and delicate diplomacy with tribal leaders, using a trove of modern weaponry and streams of tech-generated data. But his best decisions, he said, relied on a tool as ancient as it is powerful.

Nielsen: From Neuroscience To Behavioral Science

Nielsen [NLSN], the market research giant that has the world’s largest consumer neuroscience, a.k.a. neuromarketing, unit, announced a new suite of behavioral science offerings. Nielsen will use its existing group of 20 Ph.D./M.D. neuroscientists to offer both training and consulting to help businesses apply behavioral science to branding and other goals.

Why Governments Should Care More about Happiness

How to promote happiness? This is not an easy question to answer, of course, given how multidimensional a phenomenon happiness can be. Some researchers focus on small groups of people to figure out what makes the individual happier, while others investigate the bigger picture of what promotes happiness in countries and nations.

The Adult Brain Does Grow New Neurons After All, Study Says

If the memory center of the human brain can grow new cells, it might help people recover from depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, deepen our understanding of epilepsy and offer new insights into memory and learning. If not, well then, it’s just one other way people are different from rodents and birds.