This week’s round up of international mindful news all in one place waiting for you to ignite your mind. 


Talking Mindfulness on the C.E.O. Beat

Times insider I interview C.E.O.s for the business section, and we often end up on the topic of meditation. Times Insider delivers behind-the-scenes insights into how news, features and opinion come together at The New York Times. As the Corner Office columnist and a business reporter, it’s my job to stay in touch with chief executive officers around the country.

‘It stops the scary stuff’: pupils thrive with mindfulness lessons

A growing number of headteachers is convinced that meditation helps young pupils affected by violence


How Mindfulness Can Make You A Better Manager

My wife spent a good amount of time yesterday listening to Jon Kabat-Zinn on videos giving lectures on mindfulness, so I listened to some of them too. I liked them. I hadn’t heard of Dr. Kabat-Zinn (a professor and leading teacher of mindfulness and stress reduction), though I had heard of mindfulness.


Corporate Mindfulness: Oxymoron, or Gateway to a Better World?

It often takes a personal crisis to impel someone to embark on an active mindfulness program. That’s how it was for Mark Bertolini, CEO of corporate insurance giant Aetna.In 2004, Bertolini was on a skiing trip in Vermont when he smacked into a tree and tumbled down a 30-foot-deep ravine.