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Denny Sanford gives UCSD $100M for landmark studies of empathy, compassion

La Jolla billionaire Denny Sanford’s quest to improve the human condition through large, targeted donations has produced another windfall for UC San Diego, which will receive $100 million to study empathy and compassion and to cultivate those qualities in physicians. The gift is among the largest of its kind ever made in the U.S.

A sleep expert talks insomnia, dreams, and the neuroscience of slumber

Sleep usually leaves people feeling rested and refreshed, but for the patients of clinical neurologist Guy Leschziner, their non-waking moments are generally anything but peaceful. Leschziner describes their cases and how they inform the growing world of sleep research in his recent book, The Nocturnal Brain: Nightmares, Neuroscience, and the Secret World of Sleep.

What’s your Wellbeing Workout? – Thrive Global

Got a physical fitness plan? Most people say ‘yes’, a few less say that they put their plan into action, but most of us know what to do when it comes to keeping physically fit and healthy. You may go to the gym, do yoga, jog or bounce on a trampoline.

The 7 Personal Habits Of Successful People

Which are the patterns or traits that define our likelihood to become successful? Human beings are all different, but successful people shared these seven common habits developed through a first conscious focus on all those things that we can not pay with gold, but that make us incredibly rich.

Is mindfulness possible in a capitalist society?

Derek: Over the years, I’ve covered say spiritual consumerism often. After reading your article I had to cover McMindfulness. You took the concept in a direction I never looked that deeply into, at least not to the depth that you have, which is how neoliberal policies affect mindfulness.

The Neuroscience of Genes and Alzheimer’s Neuroinflammation

In a breakthrough study published today in the neuroscience journal Neuron, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital identified how the genes associated with neuroinflammation interact-findings that may one day lead to novel medical treatment for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Alzheimer’s disease is a degenerative brain disease that impacts memory, cognition and language.

The Neuroscience of Motivation: Why We Do What We Do [Infographics]

If only you knew how to make your employees care as much as you do. If only you knew how to motivate them. Then, they’d be more productive, more enthusiastic. Here’s the simple and direct great leaders motivate a team member.