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Why Ignoring The Brain Is Costing Companies Millions In Lost Sales

Have you ever traveled overseas and tried to start a conversation with someone only to have them look at you with a funny face and briskly walk away? Well, that’s exactly how the customer’s brain feels when you present your sales message in a non-brain-friendly manner, except there is no translator to help you, so your company essentially loses money - and not just a dollar or two, but millions in lost sales.

Self-Compassion and Meditation Can Yield Better Mental Health

Although there’s an abundance of empirical evidence linking meditation with more positive mental health outcomes, surprisingly little is known about the exact mechanisms that drive the psychological benefits associated with meditation. A recent study of 828 people (414 “meditators” and 414 “non-meditators”) deconstructs why a consistent meditation practice tends to have positive mental health outcomes.

How to Be More Optimistic

When you watch the news these days, it’s hard not to be pessimistic – and even harder for some people, depending on genes and socioeconomic status. Yet battling your inner Eeyore can have profound effects. Research suggests that optimists earn more money, have better relationships and even live longer.

How Mindfulness Plays an Important Role in Reducing Anxiety

In this fast-paced world, it is ubiquitous that people get too concerned about little things. Sometimes, after a long strenuous day, we get so irritated by small things, that it brings out a hurricane of negative emotions on any activity. These things are nothing but the side effects of anxiety or stress.

The Neuroscience of Friendship

The Open Mind explores the world of ideas across politics, media, science, technology, and the arts. The American Prospect is republishing this excerpt. Alexander Heffner: We need more friends in our lives today in this digital environment. Lydia Denworth: We do. As a science writer I mostly cover the brain.

Headspace raises $93 million in equity and debt as it pursues clinical validation for mindfulness – TechCrunch

Headspace, the Los Angeles-based mindfulness and meditation company locked in a bitter competitive struggle with Calm for leadership in the mental wellness world, has raised new capital to try to take the pole position. The company has just closed on $93 million in new equity and debt financing fro…