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LUMENARIES is our educator’s programme that is subsidised by our corporate trainings and events. We are passionate about the benefits of introducing mindfulness into the classroom and are also very aware of the pressures facing today’s educators. Our experience in schools has taught us that the most sustainable and effective way of introducing mindfulness interventions into the educational environment is to train the teacher in mindfulness techniques for both themselves and for their students.

Science has repeatedly proven that, not only does mindfulness training for teachers improve their own wellbeing, but it also has a direct impact on the behaviour of students. Results have shown that there is “a decrease in students’ challenging behaviours” and and “increase in their compliance with teacher request” during and after the training.

LUMENARIES training programmes equip teachers with tools and techniques to support their mental wellbeing, reduce stress, improve their focus and improve their sleep. We also share exercises and practices that they can teach their students, helping them to refocus, improve resilience, find emotional balance and become less reactive.

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Our 8-week LUMENARIES course is designed fully support the whole school body; teachers and faculty staff. Educators do so much for their student’s education and wellbeing that they are often left feeling burnt out and exhausted. Throughout this course will train the group in evidence based mindfulness and compassion techniques to help them support their mental and emotional wellbeing.

We also share resources and exercises that teachers can introduce into the classroom, helping to support the students’ wellbeing too. Everyone will receive downloadable recordings of the mindfulness practices allowing the group to integrate these learnings into their daily lives.



Our workshops are an opportunity for a school to introduce the LUMENARIES training to the faculty and clearly signal to them that their emotional and mental wellbeing is taken seriously. The LUMENARIES coach will clearly explain the amazing benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice and explore what changes it can have for the teachers and and their students. Then they will be guided through a mindfulness practice so that they can experience this for themselves.

We can tailor these workshops to suit your schools’ interests; Introduction to Mindfulness, Mindfulness to Reduce Stress, Mindfulness and Creativity, Mindfulness and Sleep, Mindfulness for Parents etc.

If you want to find out more about the LUMENARIES educator’s programmes and how mindfulness can support your school then please email us at [email protected]