Mindfulness at Work

Imagine an office where everyone is well rested, communicates effectively, self-aware and at ease. Sound too good to be true? Unfortunately, for many of us, work brings us the complete opposite of this vision. In the government’s All-Party Parliamentary Mindfulness Group “​Mindful Nation UK”​ report, they cautioned against “The rising toll of work related mental health”. Chronic stress, restless nights and isolation are having a huge impact on employee’s wellbeing and are resulting in rising levels of psychological burn-out and staff absenteeism.

LUME helps employees to come and learn about how to support their wellbeing with evidence based practices and provides a safe and confidential space to pause, breathe, discuss and truly look after themselves.
Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that LUME’s workshops, courses and Mindful Maintenance sessions significantly increase employees mental well-being and life satisfaction.

Other proven benefits include:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Improved attendance rates
  • Better sleep
  • Greater psychological resilience when under pressure
  • A happier work environment
  • Increased confidence when taking on new roles and responsibilities
  • Improved communication skills
  • Better cognitive processing
  • Improved employee retention

How does it work?

We have several options available for your team and we are passionate about finding the right package for your needs and requirements.

Mindful Maintenance

A LUME coach comes to your office and will hold 1-hour group drop-in mindfulness sessions at specific times of the day. Each session will have a theme where the group will learn about how their brain works, what the latest neuroscience findings are and tips and tricks to support their mental wellbeing. They will then be guided through a 30 minute mindfulness practice, allowing them to experience all of the amazing benefits mindfulness practice.

This will then be followed by a discussion about their experience and how they can integrate this into their daily life. After the session the group will be sent a recording of the practice so that they can practice whenever and wherever they need to.


LUME Workshops

This is an opportunity for a business to introduce LUME’s work to your team and clearly signal to their employees that they sincerely care about their wellbeing. The LUME coach will clearly explain the benefits of a mindfulness meditation practice and explore what changes it can have for the team and their lives. Then they will be guided through a mindfulness practice so that they can experience this for themselves.

We can tailor these workshops to suit your businesses interests; Introduction to Mindfulness, Mindfulness to Reduce Stress, Mindfulness and Creativity, Mindfulness and Sleep, Mindfulness and Public Speaking etc.


LUME Courses

Our courses are the perfect way to take the themes that we introduce in our Mindful Maintenance sessions and workshops and dive deeper into them. We offer a range of 4 to 8 week courses that support the specific interests of your business and deliver long lasting positive changes for your business environment and employee wellbeing. These courses can be run before, during or after the work day, depending on what would work best for your business. They are a fantastic addition to any corporate training programme and support your team’s professional and personal development.

If you want to find out more about LUME At Work and how mindfulness may support your business then please email us at [email protected]