This week’s roundup of international mindful news all in one place waiting for you to ignite your mind. 

10 Powerful Women of the Mindfulness Movement – Mindful

There’s a balancing of gender power happening across the professional world-including the mindfulness world. Ten leaders in the field share how they claim their power and bring the diversity of their experiences in the mindfulness movement to bear in their work.


The Personality Trait That Makes People Feel Comfortable Around You

“To use common, everyday words, some people are just annoying. It doesn’t mean they’re annoyed all the time,” Elfenbein says. “They may be content because they’re always getting their way. Some people bring out great things in others while they’re themselves quite depressed.”

What Deep Breathing Does to Your Body

For being free and incomparably easy to practice, deep breathing is a pretty miraculous healing exercise: It can reduce anxiety, bring you into the present moment through mindfulness, and even help you remember how to respond to your specific stressors.

Stress, Not Working Too Much, Causes Burnout | Scott H Young

Burnout is awful. You feel like a zombie. Motivation is near-zero. Even if you take an night, weekend or several days off, you still feel as exhausted as you did before. It’s common to blame working too much as the cause of burnout.