Welcome to the LUME blog and our very first blog post. We’re going to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you a little bit about us, what we’re up to and why we’re doing it.

The idea for LUME was born whilst Jessica was working as a mindfulness teacher in London. She would frequently hold training sessions in businesses and schools, and piloted a school mindfulness initiative with London councils. Jessica charged up the mindfulness division, investigating how best to integrate mindfulness into two trial primary schools in areas facing tough socio-economic challenges. The programmes were a huge success with students and teachers alike, and they were extended from an initial 6-week period to a full term. Students reported they were sleeping better, more aware of their emotions, and less reactive. Teachers noticed that the students had improved focus, were calmer and fewer behavioural issues. Then, just as it was starting to gain momentum, the purse strings were cut off and funding ran out. Game over.

Problem Solver

Never one to take no for an answer, Jessica started mulling over the obstacle and how to overcome it. From law firms to tech start ups and recruitment agencies, she consistently saw how attendees commented on how much more relaxed, aware and awake they felt after the sessions. People were fascinated about learning how their mind works and what they could do to help it work better.

Jess started to wonder; how could she bridge these two, seemingly alien worlds of the classroom and boardroom and create a system to bring mindfulness to both? And thus, LUME was born!

Why Social Enterprise?

Having worked with the social enterprise model a lot in her school days, she knew that there was a sustainable way to engineer a steady flow of funds and create a positive impact at the same time. The answer was simple, LUME was to provide engaging, fun and innovative mindfulness training to businesses with the profits subsidising a mindfulness for teachers programme. We train teachers in how to support their own wellbeing and to introduce it into the classroom.

So how do we do this?

We run events, courses and workshops  will ignite your mind, pique your curiosity, and teach you how to work with your mind instead of battling against it. Our range of experts includes neuroscientists, behavioural psychologists, sleep engineers and habits coaches. Everything we do is science evidence based, providing you with the best resources to fulfil your human potential.

Whether it’s in the boardroom, classroom or in your free time it’s time to disrupt the mundane and get curious. What happened to that spark in your life?

We’re here to ignite your team, ignite your mind and make an impact.

Are you ready to join the LUME movement?